Once Loved in the Hills

Earlier this year Hannah and Louise reached out with their beautiful business idea and if I would be happy to have my artwork on their walls. Of course I jumped at this opportunity. Such a good initiative for preloved clothes. You can hire a rack for a week and sell your clothes. Be quick and book a rack, the clothes generally don't even last the week. I promise you will find some little gems. Head over to Stirling to check out this shop (3-5, Mount Barker Rd, Stirling). 
Current Artwork available at the shop,
Minis - Harmony & Tree of Life - 20cm x 20cm, Framed in OAK. 
'Birds & the Bees' - 60cm x60cm, Framed in OAK.
'Dreaming Red Gum' - 60cm x60cm, Framed in OAK.
'Bee Dance' (2 piece) - 60cmx 60cm, Framed in OAK.
Cinderella Make a Wish (Print) - 60cm x 60cm, Framed behind glass in OAK.
'To be 'Pro-Tea' (Print)' - 60cm x60cm, Framed behind glass in OAK.