Fairy Dust - Framed in Oak

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Fairy Dust • A sweet little midi with all my favourite yellow speckles. The magic of being outside in the garden that holds so much sweetness. The yellow speckles almost feel like sprinkles of magic floating around waiting for a child to discover and find during play. My youngest is forever outside picking flowers and adding them to his ‘magic potions’. How incredible and creative are kid’s imagination if we just let them dream a little.

This one was an additional piece for my upcoming exhibition in December. I ended up painting a few extra pieces and struggled for about a week deciding which one to leave behind as I had too many pieces as it was… in the end this little sweetie was one of them.

Canvas - 53cm x 53cm, oak frame. 

Original Artwork painted on a hand stretched canvas by a local framer in Adelaide - South Australia. Floated in a hand made Tasmanian Oak frame. Acrylic paint. Signature on front and back. Wire on back.