Babe, How was your day? - Framed in Oak

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Babe, How was your day? This one was more of a question for my entire week. A week full of tantrums at home and in public and me not being able to finish one particular task without one of the kids asking me to do something for them. I don't even think I had my own thoughts this week. So many moments when my husband came home from work and asked me "How was your day?" I literally wanted to say.. I quit this gig, this stay at home mum gig is bullshit. I'm going to work now and you can wipe butt and listen to the children scream... BUT I don't, obviously because i'm an ace wife ahaha, so instead I passive aggressively name my artwork after life events.

Canvas - Stretched Linen, 90cm x 90cm (Framed 93cm x 93cm)

Original Artwork painted on a hand stretched canvas by a local framer in Adelaide - South Australia. Floated in a hand made Tasmanian Oak frame. Acrylic paint. Signature on front and back. Wire on back.

**** Please contact artist for payment plans if required****