Sage - FRAMED in OAK

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Sage • I think if we had a little girl we would

have called her Sage and I would have used all of these colours for her room. Obviously I was gifted with 2 crazy boys instead but the reality is I am grateful I have boys. I honestly don't know if I am a strong enough mother for girls. I don't know if I would be able to raise a girl to speak her mind and find her voice. I don't think I would be able to teach a girl how to be confident and have self love. I think it is a lot easier to raise respectable boys. This one is for you if you are a parent of girls. I take my hat off to you for being emotionally strong enough to raise girls into strong women.  

Canvas - Stretched Cotton, 61cm x 53cm. 

Original Artwork painted on a hand stretched canvas by a local framer in Adelaide - South Australia. Floated in a hand made Tasmanian Oak frame. Acrylic with oil pastels fine detailing. Signature on front and back. Wire on back.

****Available through TOPIARY Dining. Please contact the restaurant for purchasing details***