Above and Beyond - FRAMED in OAK, 'Finding Joy' Collection

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Above and Beyond - The piece with all my gratitude. This one is how I feel about my gym community.. I go to a female only gym that has more of an ‘older’ vibe.. but I love it with a captain L. I started there when Arden was 6weeks old and Huon was 2.5yrs old. All the woman there have shown me what it’s like to have a “village raise a child”. Many times they had held Arden so I could toilet train Huon.. many times they had shared personal life experiences with me to tell me that I’m exactly where I need to be now in my 30s.. many times they have listens to me rant and complain… many times they have gifted me time by bringing me cooked dinner so I wouldn’t have to rush through my day.. many times they had told me “you do you and don’t let them laugh at you”.. many times we had shared coffees and laughs together. I adore this community beyond words.. I sometimes even change up my routine to do Zumba with these ladies because I know I will have a good laugh at 9:30am. They make me a more wholehearted woman.

Acrylic on stretched Linen, 143cm x 123cm. Pricing, includes shipping within Australia only.

Original Artwork painted on a hand stretched canvas by a local framer in Adelaide - South Australia. Floated in a hand made Tasmanian Oak frame. Acrylic. Signature on front and back. Wire on back, ready to hang.