Lose You - FRAMED in OAK

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****Available with BlueThumb art, on exhibition with the Adelaide gallery***


Lose You - This is a piece for my grandma. Gosh I miss her. I lost my grandma in my 20's not long after our wedding. She lost her battle with cancer at 66 years young. I guess in your 20s the importance of family and spending time with your grandma isn't really at the front of your mind. You always expect your family to be around forever. I was too busy navigating through working a full time job, chasing a career and my social life. Building my own relationship and family. Now, in my 30s, I would give anything to hug my grandma. I've spent so much time in my 30's thinking about what we would talk about. Would we be discussing how to make my favourite meal? Would we be talking about how crazy my kids are? I wonder if she would be proud of me or if she would adore my boys. I can only hope to be as generous, strong and amazing as she ever was. 

Canvas - Stretched Linen, 150cm x 100cm (153cm X 103cm in frame). Can be landscape or portrait.

Original Artwork painted on a hand stretched canvas by a local framer in Adelaide - South Australia. Floated in a hand made Tasmanian Oak frame. Acrylic paint. Signature on front and back. Wire on back.


***** Please contact artist for payment plan details if required****